4 Ingredient Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Granola


4 ingredients and less than 4 minutes to chocolate chip cookie dough granola thats healthy and delicious? Yes please. This highly addictive (at least in my kitchen) granola is made with good for you ingredients so feel free to snack away. I love using it to top smoothie bowls or eating it straight out of the blender with a spoon. I love the texture of this granola, it reminds me of the chocolate chip cookie dough I used to eat as a kid, not great I know but I loved it and I'm stoked about this healthy version. It's chewy and sweet because of the dates, but adding in dark chocolate chips helps to balance it out. Eat it as a decadent breakfast, a healthy dessert, or a sweet afternoon snack. 


Makes 3-5 servings


  • 1 cup rolled oats 
  • 12 pitted medjool dates (make sure the dates do not have the pits in them before blending!) 
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup
  • handful of vegan friendly dark chocolate chips


  1. Add the oats, dates, and maple syrup to a blender or food processor and combine on high until a dough like consistency forms. You may need to stop and scrape down the sides periodically. 
  2. Add in the desired amount of chocolate chips and pulse 2-3 times to combine. 

Things to keep in mind: 

If the dates are not sticky and more on the dry side, soak them in hot water for 30 seconds to add moisture back into them before adding them to the blender.