My Favorite Vegan Restaurants: NYC

This was probably my favorite post to make as it consisted of running around New York with my boyfriend eating at all my favorite restaurants. New York seems to have a endless supply of vegan/vegan friendly restaurants with new ones popping up all the time. These restaurants are so great, I think there is extra love put into vegan food, they don't just have my stamp of approval though, my non vegan friends and boyfriend love these places as well. So if you live in New York or you are planning a visit I definitely recommend giving 'em a try.

If you  do try any of these restaurants, I'd love to know what you think! 


This all vegan cafe is my go to for brekkie or brunch. It has great vibes, is super cute and quaint. They have milks, yogurts, jams, and bacon, all vegan of course, that are made in  house and are really special. They serve açaí bowls, smoothies, and buckwheat crepes. My favorite dishes are the golden milk smoothie, the PB&J açaí bowl, and the burrito crepe. 


This vegan fast food chain is a great place to bring a friend who is skeptical about vegan food. There is always a line out the door, and the majority of the customers certainly aren't vegan. It is just that good. They do burgers, fries, mac and cheese, all sorts of typical American fast foods, but veganized. They also have an great selection of baked goods. My favorite things on the menu are the classic burger, and the spicy Thai salad, but honestly you can't go wrong here. 


This place is pretty special. Taking classic French dishes and making them vegan, using a bevy of interesting ingredients to get it right. This my boyfriends favorite of the bunch. I love that going vegan doesn't mean having to give up trying the cuisines of other cultures thanks to places like this. The menu reads like a classic french bistro with foie gras, boeuf bourguignon, coq au vin, escargot, plateau de fromage, the list goes on but of course it is all vegan. I love the ratatouille here, the verrine de saumon avocat & boursin is out of this world and my boyfriend loves the steak frites. 


This place does vegan comfort food really well with dishes like their chick-un and waffle, happy shrimp po' boy, and uvk quarter pounder. My sister, who isn't vegan raves about this place, and claims the mac and cheese is better than any "real" one she has ever had. I always go for the urban macro bowl.  


My first visit to this vegetarian restaurant was on valentines day with my boyfriend. It's perfect for special occasion dinners as it one of the few more upscale veggie restaurants. The menu is really creative, and it is always a fun experience eating here. The things they do to vegetables is incredible... Just about everything can be made vegan, save for one or two items. The dishes are made to share, and you'll get the most out the experience by ordering a medley of different dishes. My favorite dishes are the zucchini and the celery cheese cake roll. Keep in mind you may have to book a table a couple of weeks in advance if you want to be sat before 11pm, but it is worth the extra effort!