Things to do in NYC: Wintertime

I have lived in New York for six years, but in this ever changing city there are always new discoveries to be made. I am always uncovering new favorites, though there a few places I consider staples. So many shops I love, restaurants serving up my favorite comfort foods, and little gems I have happened upon that left me in awe. New York is an amazing city, in that no matter the time of year or day, there is always something to do, but to be honest, in winter, my bed is usually where I want to be. It sometimes takes a lot for me to garner the motivation to leave my nest, if I don't have to, when the temperature dips zero and below, but there are a few things that get me pretty excited about putting on pants and venturing outside no matter the weather. 

Dunwell Doughnuts & Physical Graffitea

Dunwell Doughnuts is an all vegan doughnut shop that makes classic yeast doughnuts, which I love as most vegan doughnuts are the cakey kind, which is not a vibe I am into. Plus, the staff at dunwell is so kind! Once I ran in for cover because it suddenly started pouring outside and they gave all the customers free hot cider, so sweet! It is located next to Physical Graffitea, a really sweet tea shop that sells organic and fair-trade teas. I suggest you grab a doughnut from Dunwell, PB&J is my fave, then head over to physical graffitea for a milk oolong, it is seriously the perfect combo. If the weather permits, sit outside, sip your tea, eat your doughnut and admire the building that houses physical graffitea, it is pictured on the cover of the Led Zeppelin album of the same name, gotta love a good pun. 

The Strand book shop

The Strand book store is located in Union Square and is a New York classic. There are a staggering 18 miles of books at The Strand! I love the set up, it kind of feels like your in a home library, albeit a massive one. It's been around for 86 years, is family owned and has such a good vibe. I think it is so important to support these family owned businesses, as they are becoming increasingly more rare, which is a such bummer as establishments like this are what make New York unique, special, and give it character. I have spent countless hours browsing the aisles of this gem. The poetry section, as well as the photography section are particularly special to me. Ah! I just love it. 

The Gutter

I feel like bowling is something you either love or hate, and I definitely fall into the former category. I love any opportunity to feel like a kid again, bowling always brings that out in people, we always assign absurd nicknames, and there are high fives all around after anyone gets a strike. It is ridiculous. No shame. The gutter is my favorite place to bowl, because it is such a dive, rough around the edges but that is what I love about it. It has character, is super affordable, and there is a sense of camaraderie between everyone in the small bowling alley. I feel like it attracts chill people because it is a bit grungy, ya know I mean?  I love places like that. 

The Whitney Museum

The Whitney is probably my favorite museum in New York, it exhibits American art from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The exhibitions change quite regularly so there is always something new to see, which I appreciate as I love that I get to see something new each time I take friends visiting New York. It has an outdoor gallery with amazing views of the city and the hudson river. The exhibit the photos above are from is the Human Interest: Portraits from the Whitney's collection. It has been at the museum since April 2016, so I have seen it a few times but it remains one of my favorites, especially the photographs, as photography is probably my favorite medium. It runs until April 2nd 2017, and if you live in New York, or plan on visiting, you should see it before it goes if you haven't already!



Photos by Ash Kingston