I’m Kate, a Canadian model living between New York & London. 

Growing up, I was always interested in health, tossing the white bread my family would put in our cart at the grocery store and secretly replacing it with a whole grain loaf. I wanted myself, and the people I loved to feel their best and I knew, from an unusually young age, how important of a role our food played in achieving that.

My interest in health hasn’t faded, fueled now not only by my natural inclination to want to understand what makes me feel and look my best, but also because of the necessity to do so due to the nature of my job. Of course, modeling puts demands on my body, although I would never sacrifice my health to achieve success, so finding balanced ways to do so is a very important part of my life. 

For me, achieving overall health isn't simply physical. It involves the mind and spirit, and I have never been able to feel my best if I was engaging in behavior that took advantage of others. I am deeply passionate about discovering what I can do to help shape our world into a kinder, fairer, and more ethical place. We cast votes with each dollar we spend, and I want to vote for a kinder world.  

I never want to be militant about my beliefs however, reminding myself that perfection is unachievable, balance is key, and being aware that everyone has different ideas, and different approaches on how to live life and that is a beautiful thing.  

I am on a continual quest, exploring my city of New York and beyond, to find, cook, and eat beautiful things made with love. Serving as my online journal for sharing my favorite discoveries, here you'll find healthy plant based recipes, guides for shopping ethically, beauty rituals, travel tips, workouts and more. 

Hope you enjoy!